Hellbrunn, a Place of Pure Lust for Life

Our restaurant in Salzburg, inspired by the magical palace area

Located at the southern edges of the city of Salzburg, the enchanting pleasure palace attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world and fascinates them with its trick fountains, the palace park, and the Hellbrunner Adventzauber. Moreover, Hellbrunn is a popular place to relax among local people, who spend a few hours in nature just outside the city. Thereby, our restaurant in Salzburg is the perfect destination for a little, delightful break.


Hellbrunn: sight & event location 


Our Gasthaus zu Schloss Hellbrunn is located amidst the spacious palace park. Idyllically nestled in front of the centuries-old pleasure palace, our restaurant in Salzburg offers the perfect premise for all kinds of celebrations. Due to its unique variety and great accessibility – for example from Munich – the entire palace area fascinates its guests as a first-class event location.


Arrival, parking, busses 


The restaurant Gasthaus zu Schloss Hellbrunn is easily and quickly accessible by public transport (bus number 25, bus stop "Schloss Hellbrunn"). Moreover, ample public parking and a bus park are provided (parking prices, free parking for visitors of the Hellbrunn trick fountains). On that account, our restaurant in Salzburg is perfect for bus tour groups and big events.


Those who simply want to escape the city, take their bike and ride to Hellbrunn through the picturesque Hellbrunn allee.