The Fabulous Scenery around Our Restaurant in Salzburg

From the pleasure palace to the zoo: Hellbrunn is mesmerising!

Right outside the city of Salzburg the extensive palace area of Hellbrunn spreads out. Nestled between the calm palace park and the unique trick fountains, the pleasure palace has been fascinating its visitors for more than 400 years. Amidst this gorgeous scenery of Hellbrunn, there is our restaurant in Salzburg.


The Advent market Hellbrunner Adventzauber

From mid-November the area around the palace turns into a Christmassy winter wonderland.


The placid Advent market and the tenderly staged Advent programme give rise to a festive mood, which can also be felt in our restaurant in Salzburg. 

Hellbrunn: the pleasure palace & trick fountains

The pleasure palace and its trick fountains are two of Salzburg's most popular sights. 


Therefore, the palace park with its ponds, spacious meadows, and the adventure playground invite you to take a break outside the city.

The Salzburg Zoo

From alpaca to zebra, the Salzburg Zoo enthuses its little and big visitors with animal charm.


The zoo provides a familiar home to more than 140 species and is highly appreciated for its personal flair and appropriate animal welfare and housing.   

Your trip to the various sights of Hellbrunn is the perfect occasion to visit our restaurant in Salzburg. We are looking forward to welcoming you!