Royal Gusto: We Welcome You to Our Restaurant in Salzburg!

Homemade hospitality in the Gasthaus zu Schloss Hellbrunn

With passion for fine cuisine and love for the world of cooking, the Gassner family runs the Gasthaus zu Schloss Hellbrunn. As an event location and restaurant in Salzburg, we invite you to take a little time-out right outside the city of Salzburg. True to the motto “royal gusto”, our sophisticated team around restaurant manager Mario Brkic and chef Matthias Schmid delights locals and guests every day anew.

Chef Matthias Schmid – from an apprentice to the chef de cuisine!


Despite his young age - he is in the middle of his twenties - chef Matthias Schmid tightly holds the reins in our restaurant in Salzburg.

Under the roof of the Gassner Gastronomy


Since 2001 the Gasthaus zu Schloss Hellbrunn has been under the roof of the Gassner Gastronomy. With this, our restaurant in Salzburg has become part of a little family composed of several prestigious businesses, indulging their guests with fine cuisine, special ambience, and first-class services.


We are looking forward to welcoming you!