A History of Pleasure

The Gasthaus zu Schloss Hellbrunn & our restaurants in Salzburg

Since 2001 the Gasthaus zu Schloss Hellbrunn has been a member of the Gassner Gastronomy and run as an event location and restaurant in Salzburg. Surrounded by the extraordinary flair of Hellbrunn, the Gassner family invites you to enjoy, celebrate, and experience the royal ambience.


The beginnings in the 1990s …  


Since 1993 Josef Gassner jun. and his dynamic team have been indulging their guests and clients with the catering company House of Fine Catering, operating all over Austria and internationally by following the principle of “royal gusto”!


In 1996 Josef Gassner jun. discovered the traditional restaurant Latschenwirt. Until 2008, he gave the Latschenwirt's visitors a new home and the restaurant, which has been existing since 1910, a cosy ambience.


The 2000s … 


Since 2001 and the takeover of the Gasthaus zu Schloss Hellbrunn as well as the associated restaurant Atelier zu Schloss Hellbrunn, the Gassner company is allowed to present itself as a holistic event organiser.


With the acquisition of the Gasthaus zu Schloss Hellbrunn in 2001, the Advent market Hellbrunner Adventzauber was initiated. Since 2011, it has been organised exclusively by the Gassner family.


In the September of 2008 the traditional Schlosswirt zu Anif joined the Gassner Gastronomy. This first-class hotel and restaurant in Salzburg does not only provide cuisine on a gourmet level, but also shelter in a royal ambience.


Between May 2009 and April 2015 the Gassner family also managed the chic casino restaurant in the Klessheim Palace, where culinary delights were combined with the thrilling passion of gambling and the noble atmosphere of the casino bar.


A lot is going on …


The traditional restaurant Gasthof Fürstenbrunn became part of the Gassner Gastronomy in April 2011 and has been managed by a tenant with a lot of passion and commitment ever since.


With the acquisition of the StieglKeller in Mai 2012, the possibly most beautiful beer garden in Salzburg, another traditional restaurant in Salzburg joined the Gassner family company.


Moreover, we provide sustenance at different places all over Salzburg: the Restaurant Mensa Café in the Campus ULSZ Rif, the Restaurant WIFF in the WIFI Salzburg and the Theatercafé in the Salzburg State Theatre are united under the roof of the Gassner Gastronomy.


Separated only by the palace park and just a few walking minutes away from the pleasure palace, also the restaurant Das ZoO in the Salzburg Zoo has been part of the Gassner family since 2017. 


We are looking forward to welcoming you and your guests to our restaurant in Salzburg or one of our other locations!